What is Krokodil Drug and How to Stop The Abuse

Thursday, November 8th 2012. | Krokodil

What is Krokodil DrugKrokodil drug or Desomorphine is a very dangerous drug that was first produced during the 1930′s in the United States. This type of drug is used by drug addicts as a substitute to morphine. Consequently, it is ten times more potent than Morphine. Also, Krokodil drug is very much cheaper than Heroin. That’s why it is often called as the poor man’s heroin. However, it is more dangerous and it can cause fatality once the drug is abused.

In Europe and in Russia, Krokodil drug use became popular amongst Heroin addicts since it is more affordable. The bad thing about this is that the drug can be easily made since the ingredients are readily available. The mixtures of ingredients used in creating the drug are paint thinner, codeine based pills, Hydrochloric acid, lighter fluid, red phosphorus (easily scraped from match sticks) and gasoline as well as iodine. Once these ingredients are combined and cooked, the result is a highly addictive and yet toxic drug.

The illegal drug is used just like other drugs by cooking the mixture to turn it into a liquid form then it is transferred in a syringe and the drug is then injected to a vain. This is where the side-effects of the drug begin.

Terrifying Side-Effects of Krokodil Drug

The Side Effect of Krokodil DrugNow, when it comes to the effects of the illegal drug, it may cause your skin (particularly the part where the drug has been injected) to turn scaly just like a crocodile skin (that’s why the drug is also termed as “crocodile”), a change in skin color and as the abuse persist, skin ulcerations occur and it may eventually be gangrenous (rotting flesh up to the bones). Further body reaction is a rotting teeth, blood poisoning, brain damage, and the worst is death and fatality.

The gangrenous effect may start once the injection of the drug misses the vein. As a result, abscess occurs and further side effect is gangrene. Again, the horrifying ordeal when gangrene sets in is it may “eat” your flesh up to your bones and this is quite painful and unpleasant to see. As a result to this, amputations are done to prevent blood poisoning and worst, death.

Once the abuse of Krokodil drug has been started, there is a chance that your life expectancy is just 2 – 3 years because of the harmful effects of the illegal drug. Although 2-3 years of life expectancy is related, a majority of first-time users of the harmful drug dies during their first year of abuse and this is indeed alarming

Reasons why it is Further Abused

Despite the fact that the Desomorphine is a very dangerous drug, a lot of drug addicts still use it. Again, it is very cheap. In Europe, a user can easily purchase a gram that’s worth 14 euro or 10 pound. Also, users do not have to purchase over at drug dealers because they can easily make the drug themselves right into the premises of their home. All they have to do is to purchase the ingredients and the drug is now available.

As a matter of fact, anyone can search for the right ingredients of Krokodil drug in the Internet and the ways on how to make it. Well, this is how readily the drug can be made. Also, heroin and other addictive drugs are quite hard to find in Russia especially in isolated regions of the country. That’s why the “crocodile” drug is their alternative just to get high or to fly.

In Russia alone according to the Federal Drug Control Service of Russia, there are almost 65 million doses of the drug that has been seized. Moreover, about 5% (around 1 million) of Russians have been abusing the drug for the past 3 years.

In Europe the drug emerged popularly in the drug market in the year 2011. And this has been a concern by the European Union since then. Fortunately in America, the abuse of this kind of drug is not that popular but it is still a concern. That’s preventive actions are done to stop the illegal use of the drugs by drug addicts.

The abuse is indeed quite alarming for the Russian government. That is why they are taking necessary action to stop the abuse of this kind of harmful drugs.

Actions Required to Stop Abuse

As a part of the intervention of the government of Russia and the concerned agencies in Europe, drug enforcement programs are established to stop the abuse of Krokodil drug and even the other illegal drugs that are being abused by users. However in Russia, funds are not enough to support their programs against the illegal drug. That’s why the abuse of the drug is still rampant in the country.

Despite the lack of funds in Russia, rehabilitation centers are established to help people who have abused the drugs to recuperate with the addiction. Well, this is still a good move for the government of Russia. But then again, the effort of the government will be worthless without the help of concerned individuals in the said country.

Since abuse of Desomorphine has been reported, other agencies (NGO’s or non-government organizations) besides concerned government departments in Russia, Europe and U.S. have been disseminating information regarding the ways on how to stop the abuse of Krokodil drug.

Consequently, information to stop it is spreading over the internet, via advertisements over at television networks and via print ads. This is to warn people about the harmful and fatal effects of the drugs. Victims of the drug who have been treated has also openly testified to spread the word of stop the drug abuse. Well, this is just some of the ways on how to inform people about the terrifying effects of “crocodile” drug.

For you who have better options instead of being addicted, you must know that become a junkie is indeed a curse. You will surely ruin your health, relationship with your loved ones and you might end up lying in a casket. Well, it’s not too late for people who still value their life. Instead of abusing drugs that may end up their life, better use their time in worthwhile activities.

Although Krokodil drug is “alluring” and it will give you “heaven” it is also a good way to “say no to drugs” and this should not be a choice or an option but a decision. So help us to stop the addiction by spreading the information before another life is ruined. WCR8SPEQMG67

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