flesh eating drug desomorphine

The Flesh-Eating Drug: Krokodil Desomorphine

Flesh Eating Drug – Americans should get prepared for the coming of flesh-eating drug Krokodil. Just as it has easily spread in Russia for the last decade, Krokodil can make its success story in the US. When a single Krokodil user appears in any new area, the drug is likely to spread quickly particularly for its very cheap price. Former heroin users may switch to this Russia Krokodil drug without a second thought. Besides, the drug does not have to be injected all the time. Oral Krokodil is available, so much less hassle for the heroin-like effect. Sadly, referring to the name, Krokodil simply eats the users.

Rotten Alive
flesh eating drug krokodilPictures of so many Krokodil users at their late stage are disturbing. The skin turns to green, the flesh becomes grey, severely peeled (extreme gangrene and scaly) that the tendons, muscles, and bones are showing, partly because of the abscesses. The heroin-like drug simply rots the users’ skin inside out. The similarity of the side effects to Necrotizing fasciitis symptoms makes it notorious as flesh-eating Krokodil drug. The term leads to the same name disease, but the horrific appearance of the users simply describes the real-life zombies as the pre-death decomposition becomes entrenched. As soon as the rotten flesh pervades the room, the smell is strong. Zombie apocalypse phenomenon is no longer in movies and games when the flesh-eating drug Krokodil, transforms healthy people into the real walking dead. It really is a very horrific approach to get yourself sick before finally putting your own life to an end within one or two years.

Dirty Heroin
Desomorphine Krokodil drug is also called moonshine drug because the users can make it right at home. Codeine pills, red phosphorus, iodine, alcohol, paint thinner, caffeine, paracetamol, gasoline, diphenhydramine, lighter fluid, tropicamide, industrial cleaners, hydrochloric acid, and some other household everyday acidic chemicals are the basic ingredients. Junkies can cook it out of their meth-making memory. The result is a substance like morphine with some methamphetamine properties. It gives you morphine-like highs, three to ten times better, and causes stronger addiction than heroin does. The knockoff of course is not in any way similar to heroin.

Treating the Users
flesh eating drug desomorphineThe heroin-knockoff cooking process leaves traces of lethal substances and heavy metals. Krokodil drug users then inject the final product into the legs, groin, or arms. Early warning signs are usually in the forms of blackness and redness, which is actually hurting without painkillers, surrounding the needle spot. As the gangrene is developing, it gives the black or red dead area scaly green look, just how the drug derives the name. Both short-term and prolonged uses cause blood vessels, thyroid, muscle, bone, and cartilage damages. Furthermore, the intravenous use leads to heart, spine, brain, or lungs infections. Organ failure, brain damage, and necrosis are mostly inevitable. When users finally decide to get a help, they mostly need skin grafts and other intensive treatments although sometimes they cannot save the limbs or lives mainly because of the serious infection and other dangerous Krokodil drugs effects.

Involuntary Suicide
A Krokodil drug addict is considered lucky when doctors decide to execute extensive amputation. Getting away from death after such severe abuse is exceptional, indeed. However, most Krokodil users did not intentionally commit a suicidal attempt. The popularity of the flesh-eating drug, Krokodil, in Russia was because of the heroin shortage. The heroin-like drug turns out stronger than heroin despite the shorter high effect. Besides, rather than paying $25 to $30 for heroin, people normally choose to pay $8. In poor slums, Krokodil is a good choice, despite the devastating krokodil effects, because it is affordable, intense, and synthesizable without too much trouble.

From a Painkiller
flesh eating drug crocodileDesomorphine, the patented morphine alternative, was developed as a powerful painkiller with the opioid psychoactive ingredients. It is obviously not the drug to blame for such inside-out rotting effect although it is no longer used because of the limited duration and addictive qualities. On the contrary, the illicit form of Desomorphine contains toxic substances that have not properly removed yet. Amateur chemists have created the designer drug of desomorphine Krokodil, that way. When Russian junkies found Krokodil in 2003, the media helps it to internationally known in Krokodil Tears documentary. Krokodil has come up in Norway, Ukraine, Germany, and made its way to the US ever since then.

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