crocodile drug side effects

Krokodil Drug (Desomorphine) Side Effects

Krokodil Drug Effects – Recently hit the news, Krokodil a homemade drugs, let’s see what the Krokodil drug side effects are. Krokodil originated from Russia, first emerged in early 2000. And since has spread to some European countries, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, France, Belgium, Sweden and Norway. Recently, allegedly a few cases were found in US, Arizona and Chicago. Even though DEA has not put Krokodil drugs into the list of controlled substance, there is no harm in knowing a bit more about this drug. Hopefully by understanding the Krokodil drugs effects, people will be more careful in considering using this drug. Krokodil drugs are also called flesh-rotting drug. The reason for the name, is the main crocodile drug side effects is the rotting away of the flesh of the users. Krokodil drugs are indeed very toxic.

crocodile drug side effectsThe Appeal of Krokodil
Why Krokodil drug? The main reason is the price. Krokodil drug was so much cheaper compare to Heroin. Where it all began, Russia, Heroin is rare and very expensive. The addicts desperate for drugs and could not afford Heroin, came up with this cheap cocktail. Another factor people chose the facts about krokodil that the ingredients were very easy to get. Krokodil was easy to prepare, all that is needed are a burner, syringe and the basic ingredient of Codeine, lighter fluid, gasoline, paint thinner, alcohol and other ingredients. Those are all readily available material. Moreover, Codein is legally free in Russia, Codein tablets are sold as headache medicine.

The Side Effects of Krokodil

krokodil drug side effectsCodein itself is not toxic, unfortunately when processed in a kitchen lab, lack of proper equipment, impurity caused Krokodil drugs to become a deadly poison to the body of the users. The use of hydrochloric acid as reactants to synthesize desomorphine from Codein, produced the dirty orange liquid with a trace hydrochloric acid in it, causing severe skin irritation when injected into the body. The skin of users became greenish and scaly from regular use of Krokodil, like the skin of crocodile. This is how Krokodil drug got its name, Krokodil is crocodile in Russian. Another drawback from Krokodil drug is the time span of high it caused. It lasted only about 90 minutes, for comparison, Heroin could last up to four to eight hours. While preparing Krokodil need about half to an hour. Sometimes the users spent a whole day cycling between cooking and injecting Krokodil drugs.

The Skin and Muscle Damage from Krokodil

When injected into the body, if the user misses the vein, a very bad abscess will happen on that area. The Krokodil drug effects on regular users of Krokodil, the skin will show gangrene symptoms, greenish, then the skin will fell off, exposing the muscles. The effect from the trace of hydrochloric acid in Krokodil was the damage to the muscle as well as the skin. Some extreme cases found, the muscle of some users were just rotten away, then fell of and exposing the bones underneath. Or finger tips became gray, showing that the muscles were rotten away and fell off. Not a pretty sight. If you can stomach it, you can browse the internet for the pictures and video. But I must warn you, those are graphic pictures.

The after Effect of Krokodil

desomorphine side effectsThe crocodile drug addicts were practically injected poison into the body. The damages caused by it are all permanent. The muscle damages will definitely affect the motoric function of the person. The person will suffer from erratic movement. There was a case of a woman, who could not entirely control her movement, she would move backward instead of, as her intention, to move forward. When the gangrene was severe, there was not any other choice but to amputate those rotten parts. A lot of users lost their arms or legs. And most definitely, users will suffer from speech impediment.

The desomorphine side effects did not stop there. The life span of regular users, without any help to rehab, is only two to three years. Then there is also other dangers looming, from the uses of syringe between users, HIV and hepatitis C are easily contracted. From the use of Iodine in the mixture, Krokodil drug users will have a very strong iodine smell, coming out from the body.

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