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krokodil desomorphine contagious pictures

The Story of Desomorphine : Whether Drug Contagious or not

krokodil desomorphine contagious pictures
Is the zombie apocalypse of Desomorphine contagious? It is a normal question of anyone after reading the news or watching the videos. It is good news that the horrific look of Desomorphine effect is not actually contagious like the zombie virus in movies and games. Regrettably, there is no good news here.

Working from the Inside
Desomorphine, or commonly known as Crocodile drug (Krokodil in Russian), is synthesizable even in an ordinary kitchen. Unfortunately, the dirty Desomorphine contains toxic chemicals and users ignorantly inject the substance into their vein, destroying blood vessels and tissues.

While the addiction intensifies, the gruesome side effects are getting worse. The breakdown occurs at the deep cellular level, soon after the first injection, with visible wounds, gangrene, lesions, and abscesses, but they are not, once again, contagious. As long as people around have strong stomach, a Crocodile zombie can freely walk all over the place in town.

Bigger Issues
Nonetheless, people (especially the drug users) should be more aware because they can find krokodil contagious by means of the injection. Potential epidemic includes HIV and HCV as sharing needles or other injecting equipment is a very gracious charity particularly when the mind does not work properly. While HIV is widely notorious, less people know that HCV (or hepatitis C), which is a highly contagious virus causing liver disease, is contracted in the course of blood-to-blood exchange to an infected Crocodile user. The symptom may be just mild illness in a couple of weeks, but severe case results in lifelong ailment, such as cirrhosis or liver cancer.

As the liver tissue dies, it is impossible to expect the organ to work, as it should be. Well, looking on the brighter side, Crocodile users generally do not survive that long to suffer from the HIV or HCV.

Signs and Symptoms of Desomorphine Effects During Withdrawal

Do you know what are Desomorphine ingredients? Desomorphine is a synthetic drug, derivative from morphine. It was researched in order to find a pain killer, to replace morphine, which caused nausea and addiction. This research was aborted, since the resulted drug was eight to ten times stronger than morphine, unfortunately also more addictive than morphine. In early 2000, a low quality of desomorphine drug surfaced in Russia, Siberia to be exact, which later duped as Krokodil, which meant crocodile in Russia.

Desomorphine ingredients

The reason for the name is because this desomorphine ingredients effects are the skin and flesh of the users to turn greenish, scaly and bumpy like the skin of crocodile. Not only that, the toxin in it will cause severe gangrene. How a research for a good cause turned into this horrible drug was unknown.

The Ingredients of Desomorphine
Desomorphine, street name Krokodil drug was a substitute to Heroin, because Heroin is very expensive in Russia. Desomorphine cost only about a third of the cost of Heroin. This is a designer drug that users prepared in the kitchen with easy to get ingredients. The ingredients are Codein mixed with gasoline, paint thinner, lighter fluid, red phosphorous, which can be scratched from match heads, also hydrochloric acid and iodine. When prepared without proper lab equipment, impurities, which means toxic of the ingredients are left in the drug. When injected into the body, these impurities are the cause of the horrible flesh rotting condition. The result is permanent physical damage to the users.

Is Desomorphine Addiction Curable?
Like other addiction, detox of Desomorphine users is possible. Only with Desomorphine addiction, it is a very painful process. Compare to Heroin users, which need about ten days of pain to detox, desomorphine users need about one month of severe pain. Most of the time, tranquilizer are administered to prevent users from passing out.

Desomorphine : Codeine Prescription Drug Abuse

codeine prescription drug abuseThe media have delivered sufficient education in the danger of injecting poorly made opiates, but the search for Desomorphine recipe, an alternative to krokodil recipe, continues. Chemically and pharmacologically different, the same horrific effects come from abusing Crocodile Desomorphine. In fact, it does not take an abuse to get a taste of the effects.

Crude Recipe
Fresh Desomorphine was a morphine derivative in the United States, originally synthesized in 1930s.Desomorphine, together with methadone, was a promising morphine-based medicine with analgesic effect, but without chemical dependence. Unfortunately, Desomorphine has a drastically shorter life than morphine. Years later, the knowledge is a common experience in Russia, in which drug abuse and junkies receive so much different treatment from those in the United States.

Russians have developed their own designer drug of Desomorphine, commonly known as Krokodil. The homemade codeine prescription drug abuse is composed of industrial organic solvents, alkalis, and acids. Without further filter before injection, the compound mixture contains high concentration of iodine, phosphorus, heavy metals of lead, antimony, zinc, and iron, causing problems to the muscle, endocrine system, nervous system, bone tissue, kidneys, liver, lungs, and mineral imbalances. In other words, homemade recipe is a crude, toxic Desomorphine.

Toxic Substances
It is not that people should use the purified forms to abuse the drug, as it finds its way back to the United States. There are indeed long and complicated reasons for anyone to become a junkie, but crude Desomorphine or Krokodil recipe is definitely a way to die quickly in the nastiest way possible partly because the immune system stops working.

Another clear good sense to avoid the drug is due to the risk of toxic encephalopathy, serious infections, sepsis, and major organs failure that directly cause death. Moreover, since medical community has left the drug behind, there is no point of using it at all. When the gangrene was severe, there was not any other choice but to amputate those rotten parts. A lot of users lost their arms or legs. And most definitely, users will suffer from speech impediment.

krokodil drug help

The Best Desomorphine Krokodil (Crocodile) Drug Help

krokodil drug helpThe best krokodil drug help is necessary when you already use the drug for your own pleasure. Korkodil may be able to deliver fast result and high effect in an instant, but the side effects are also devastating and horrible. Not only it is horrifying and disgusting, it is also deadly. Krokodil drug users aren’t only going to face the fact that their body is being destroyed in the most destructive way, they will end up facing death in slow and painful way. This endemic needs to be stopped right away, and some of the important substances need to be banned so the spread won’t be too bad and spreading to different parts of the world.

The Reasons Why It Is Popular
Before talking about the desomorphine addicts help, it is important to address the issue first and how it can come to existence. Krokodil, the Russian word for crocodile is the poor man’s drug where you can enjoy high effect in an instant and without spending too much money. The name is given because you will end having greenish and scaly skins – just like the crocodiles. For one shot or usage, you only need to spend $6 to $8. This deadly drug is quite popular in Russia because of these factors. Plus, you can always ‘cook’ or make this drug so easily at home. The substances are easily purchased and the steps can also be found through the net.

As it was said before, Krokodil can easily be made at home with simple home appliances. krokodil is basically called as desomorphine, the derivative form of morphine. The main ingredients in the making is codeine along with other substances. One reasons why this drug is so dangerous and deadly is because you can put in almost anything to create the drugs, you can put in iodine, paint thinner, gasoline, cleaning solution, and even lighter fluid.  It is no wonder if the drug is so dangerous and destructive. It is also no wonder if the drug can damage and destroy your kidneys and your liver and other internal organs as well.

The Horrifying Side Effects
crocodile drug helpAs it was mentioned before, consuming this drug will turn your skin into greenish and scaly, but that’s not the only side effects that you will experience. You see, the best way to administer the drug is through injection, because it is the fastest way for the drug to get into your system and your blood. On the injection spot, your skin will turn green and scales start showing up. And then gangrene will set in and your skin will start to rot. As if it weren’t scary enough, the drug will start eating your flesh. You will start seeing that your bones, muscles, and tissues will be exposed. If you don’t get Krokodil drug treatment soon enough, death is just around the corner.

Krokodil Treatment and Preventive Methods

Treatment isn’t the only thing that Krokodil drug addicts need to have. There are also other preventive ways that government can do in order to stop this drug from spreading so fast. in Russia, the drug spread can happen so fast because codeine can be easily purchased as over the counter medicine. Not only it can be easily purchased, it doesn’t cost a lot either. In other parts of the world, codeine may not be easily purchased, but some countries like Japan, France, Australia, Canada, and Israel, codeine is affordable and easy to get.  Rumor has it that some drug users in America have started to show sign of krokodil addiction, where the skin is turning scaly and green. If preventive ways aren’t set up, it is possible that the spread won’t be able to contain anymore.

Krokodil Rehab Process

desomorphine drug helpThe Krokodil drug rehab process may take longer than the treatment for other drug issues. Although this drug is the derivative form of the morphine and it is cheaper, its effect is ten time stronger than morphine – making the treatment process longer and more difficult to achieve. like other drug addiction issue, the Krokodil users need to undergo detoxification process first, but this step alone may take about one month before further treatments and therapies are administered and implemented. It is better to discuss the best Krokodil drug help with the experts as they will decide the required process, steps, and also time period to do so.

flesh eating drug desomorphine

The Flesh-Eating Drug: Krokodil Desomorphine

Flesh Eating Drug – Americans should get prepared for the coming of flesh-eating drug Krokodil. Just as it has easily spread in Russia for the last decade, Krokodil can make its success story in the US. When a single Krokodil user appears in any new area, the drug is likely to spread quickly particularly for its very cheap price. Former heroin users may switch to this Russia Krokodil drug without a second thought. Besides, the drug does not have to be injected all the time. Oral Krokodil is available, so much less hassle for the heroin-like effect. Sadly, referring to the name, Krokodil simply eats the users.

Rotten Alive
flesh eating drug krokodilPictures of so many Krokodil users at their late stage are disturbing. The skin turns to green, the flesh becomes grey, severely peeled (extreme gangrene and scaly) that the tendons, muscles, and bones are showing, partly because of the abscesses. The heroin-like drug simply rots the users’ skin inside out. The similarity of the side effects to Necrotizing fasciitis symptoms makes it notorious as flesh-eating Krokodil drug. The term leads to the same name disease, but the horrific appearance of the users simply describes the real-life zombies as the pre-death decomposition becomes entrenched. As soon as the rotten flesh pervades the room, the smell is strong. Zombie apocalypse phenomenon is no longer in movies and games when the flesh-eating drug Krokodil, transforms healthy people into the real walking dead. It really is a very horrific approach to get yourself sick before finally putting your own life to an end within one or two years.

Dirty Heroin
Desomorphine Krokodil drug is also called moonshine drug because the users can make it right at home. Codeine pills, red phosphorus, iodine, alcohol, paint thinner, caffeine, paracetamol, gasoline, diphenhydramine, lighter fluid, tropicamide, industrial cleaners, hydrochloric acid, and some other household everyday acidic chemicals are the basic ingredients. Junkies can cook it out of their meth-making memory. The result is a substance like morphine with some methamphetamine properties. It gives you morphine-like highs, three to ten times better, and causes stronger addiction than heroin does. The knockoff of course is not in any way similar to heroin.

Treating the Users
flesh eating drug desomorphineThe heroin-knockoff cooking process leaves traces of lethal substances and heavy metals. Krokodil drug users then inject the final product into the legs, groin, or arms. Early warning signs are usually in the forms of blackness and redness, which is actually hurting without painkillers, surrounding the needle spot. As the gangrene is developing, it gives the black or red dead area scaly green look, just how the drug derives the name. Both short-term and prolonged uses cause blood vessels, thyroid, muscle, bone, and cartilage damages. Furthermore, the intravenous use leads to heart, spine, brain, or lungs infections. Organ failure, brain damage, and necrosis are mostly inevitable. When users finally decide to get a help, they mostly need skin grafts and other intensive treatments although sometimes they cannot save the limbs or lives mainly because of the serious infection and other dangerous Krokodil drugs effects.

Involuntary Suicide
A Krokodil drug addict is considered lucky when doctors decide to execute extensive amputation. Getting away from death after such severe abuse is exceptional, indeed. However, most Krokodil users did not intentionally commit a suicidal attempt. The popularity of the flesh-eating drug, Krokodil, in Russia was because of the heroin shortage. The heroin-like drug turns out stronger than heroin despite the shorter high effect. Besides, rather than paying $25 to $30 for heroin, people normally choose to pay $8. In poor slums, Krokodil is a good choice, despite the devastating krokodil effects, because it is affordable, intense, and synthesizable without too much trouble.

From a Painkiller
flesh eating drug crocodileDesomorphine, the patented morphine alternative, was developed as a powerful painkiller with the opioid psychoactive ingredients. It is obviously not the drug to blame for such inside-out rotting effect although it is no longer used because of the limited duration and addictive qualities. On the contrary, the illicit form of Desomorphine contains toxic substances that have not properly removed yet. Amateur chemists have created the designer drug of desomorphine Krokodil, that way. When Russian junkies found Krokodil in 2003, the media helps it to internationally known in Krokodil Tears documentary. Krokodil has come up in Norway, Ukraine, Germany, and made its way to the US ever since then.

crocodile drug side effects

Krokodil Drug (Desomorphine) Side Effects

Krokodil Drug Effects – Recently hit the news, Krokodil a homemade drugs, let’s see what the Krokodil drug side effects are. Krokodil originated from Russia, first emerged in early 2000. And since has spread to some European countries, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, France, Belgium, Sweden and Norway. Recently, allegedly a few cases were found in US, Arizona and Chicago. Even though DEA has not put Krokodil drugs into the list of controlled substance, there is no harm in knowing a bit more about this drug. Hopefully by understanding the Krokodil drugs effects, people will be more careful in considering using this drug. Krokodil drugs are also called flesh-rotting drug. The reason for the name, is the main crocodile drug side effects is the rotting away of the flesh of the users. Krokodil drugs are indeed very toxic.

crocodile drug side effectsThe Appeal of Krokodil
Why Krokodil drug? The main reason is the price. Krokodil drug was so much cheaper compare to Heroin. Where it all began, Russia, Heroin is rare and very expensive. The addicts desperate for drugs and could not afford Heroin, came up with this cheap cocktail. Another factor people chose the facts about krokodil that the ingredients were very easy to get. Krokodil was easy to prepare, all that is needed are a burner, syringe and the basic ingredient of Codeine, lighter fluid, gasoline, paint thinner, alcohol and other ingredients. Those are all readily available material. Moreover, Codein is legally free in Russia, Codein tablets are sold as headache medicine.

The Side Effects of Krokodil

krokodil drug side effectsCodein itself is not toxic, unfortunately when processed in a kitchen lab, lack of proper equipment, impurity caused Krokodil drugs to become a deadly poison to the body of the users. The use of hydrochloric acid as reactants to synthesize desomorphine from Codein, produced the dirty orange liquid with a trace hydrochloric acid in it, causing severe skin irritation when injected into the body. The skin of users became greenish and scaly from regular use of Krokodil, like the skin of crocodile. This is how Krokodil drug got its name, Krokodil is crocodile in Russian. Another drawback from Krokodil drug is the time span of high it caused. It lasted only about 90 minutes, for comparison, Heroin could last up to four to eight hours. While preparing Krokodil need about half to an hour. Sometimes the users spent a whole day cycling between cooking and injecting Krokodil drugs.

The Skin and Muscle Damage from Krokodil

When injected into the body, if the user misses the vein, a very bad abscess will happen on that area. The Krokodil drug effects on regular users of Krokodil, the skin will show gangrene symptoms, greenish, then the skin will fell off, exposing the muscles. The effect from the trace of hydrochloric acid in Krokodil was the damage to the muscle as well as the skin. Some extreme cases found, the muscle of some users were just rotten away, then fell of and exposing the bones underneath. Or finger tips became gray, showing that the muscles were rotten away and fell off. Not a pretty sight. If you can stomach it, you can browse the internet for the pictures and video. But I must warn you, those are graphic pictures.

The after Effect of Krokodil

desomorphine side effectsThe crocodile drug addicts were practically injected poison into the body. The damages caused by it are all permanent. The muscle damages will definitely affect the motoric function of the person. The person will suffer from erratic movement. There was a case of a woman, who could not entirely control her movement, she would move backward instead of, as her intention, to move forward. When the gangrene was severe, there was not any other choice but to amputate those rotten parts. A lot of users lost their arms or legs. And most definitely, users will suffer from speech impediment.

The desomorphine side effects did not stop there. The life span of regular users, without any help to rehab, is only two to three years. Then there is also other dangers looming, from the uses of syringe between users, HIV and hepatitis C are easily contracted. From the use of Iodine in the mixture, Krokodil drug users will have a very strong iodine smell, coming out from the body.

desomorphine drug therapy

Clinical Desomorphine Drugs Abuse Therapy

While the horrific side effects have bad been widely known, Desomorphine therapy is still in question. Desomorphine, which is also called Krokodil or Crocodile, is a much less expensive substitution of heroin – costs almost 10% of it. The synthetic Desomorphine is therefore a morphine-derived opiate, but eight to ten times stronger than morphine. In reality, Desomorphine was originally developed in early 1930s to cure opiate whereas Krokodil is a homemade, dirty Desomorphine. Referring to the name, Krokodil drug was thought to firstly appear in Russia.

Desomorphine Abuse
desomorphine crocodile drug therapyIn the attempt of reducing the heroin addiction, health problems, and associated crimes, Russia has increased the street value of heroin. Drug addicts have somehow found a way to help themselves with a much cheaper substitute: Krokodil. What makes the world’s concern increase is the method of the desomorphine drug addicts in creating a deadly form of Desomorphine. They create Krokodil from red phosphorous, paint thinner, codeine-based tablets, lighter fluid, hydrochloric acid, gasoline, and iodine. The cooking of the chemicals results in highly toxic and addictive drug, without purification whatsoever. The side effects include necrosis, gangrene, scaly lesions, greenish, and other types of dissolving tissue, particularly nearby the injection spot. The dying and dead flesh will eventually be infected, rot, fall off, and spread.

Krokodil Serious Side Effects
Although it is far cheaper and much stronger than heroin, Krokodil is extremely toxic and so the worst side effect is fatal. After using Krokodil for the first time, a drug addict’s life expectancy is just three years at most. On the other hand, it means that the Krokodil drug addiction cannot last too long. Whilst the addiction continues for a while, the Krokodil addict cooks the drug up in the kitchen nonstop to maintain the high. Because each cooking takes 30 minutes to an hour and each injection works for 30 minute, 90 minute, or two hour high at most, the kitchen will be busy until the end. It is a day and night chore in essence, but again, not too long. Around the clock Krokodil addicts are predicted to live their natural way of life for less than one year. No doubt, Krokodil addicts waste their entire waking hours by either using or making the drug.

Krokodil Withdrawal
desomorphine drug therapyKrokodil addicts often die because of the toxic chemicals and, if somehow they made it beforehand, excruciating medication. In other words, Krokodil or Desomorphine withdrawal is not a painless course. During the Desomorphine treatment and withdrawal, a Krokodil addict may frequently wake up at night only to hold more of the extreme discomfort. Apart from the rupture and damage of blood vessel and nervous system, which obviously leads to the death and decay of muscle tissue to the bone, the teeth will rot and go by the head. There is indeed no easy way in dealing with such brain damage, as well as possible blood poisoning and tetanus, during the withdrawal period. While the symptoms of heroin withdrawal last for five to ten days with some risks of relapses, Krokodil withdrawal may take 30 days. Heroin withdrawal does not cause physical pain as soon as the 10-day period is over, but the 30-day Krokodil withdrawal is so painful and unbearable that the Krokodil addicts need help of very strong tranquilizer shots. What is more, the tranquilizer simply keeps the Krokodil addicts from blacking out.

Desomorphine Therapy

Desomorphine Krokodil does not only cause the strongest level of addiction, but also is extremely hard to cure. Even after successfully enduring the withdrawal period, a former Krokodil addict may struggle with amputations, rotted teeth, hepatitis, brain damage, or any other long-term consequences. Therefore, the need for Desomorphine abuse therapy is an urgent concern today. The widely known therapy for opiate is currently ORT, working by gradually replace the opiate. It needs to note that methadone therapy can be illegal in some countries, though.

Worldwide Epidemic
The concern on Krokodil abuse and Desomorphine therapy is not only an urgent case for Russia. Following Russia, the drug abuse has reached the US and Europe. When people are already familiar with the making of methamphetamine originated from pseudoephedrine, they can make Krokodil using the same process. Because codeine-based headache pills are widely available, creating Krokodil at home just needs the lowest level of creativity. WCR8SPEQMG67

treatment for krokodil drug

The Best Treatment for Krokodil Drug Addiction

Treatment for Krokodil Drug – It is important to have the best treatment for all krokodil drug or desomorphine users that has side effects of this deadly drugs. especially if you haven’t experienced the bad effect. Like other drug use, this kind of consumption can lead to severe drug addiction that will cause the users unable to stop on their own. In treatment for crocodile drug, it is possible to combine medication and therapies to deal with the addiction, but it is also necessary to check for other conditions so side effects won’t expand and travel to other regions and areas.

The New Drug Effect
treatment for krokodil drugThere is a new trend – if can’t be considered as a new plague – among people where they consume quite inexpensive drugs with powerful and strong effect. The drug has original name Desomorphine, but it is more known as the krokodil drug – the Russian word for crocodile. There is a reason why this drug is called that why, especially since the side effects will involve scaly skins that are similar to the one owned by the large and green reptile. Yes, if you consume this krokodil, the side effect is that you will look like crocodile with its scaly skins.

The Dangerous Substances
desomorphine treatmentEveryone is aware that the Desomorphine drug is quite dangerous and even lethal, but it seems that most drug users don’t really care about the side effects that they are about to experience, as long as they can enjoy the strong high effect. Making this substance is quite easy; it can even be made in a home lab with steps that you can find on the net. This drug is basically the derivative of morphine with the same high effect, but in much lower price. The reason for the low price is because of the dangerous substances being used in the process. The drug is created by using iodine, codeine, paint thinner, lighter fluid, red phosphorus, gasoline, and even industrial cleaning solution. Can you imagine what the result will be when all these toxins are combined together and even consumed? Can you imagine the results to your body?

The Deadly Trends
crocodile drug treatmentThe trend of consuming krokodil and crocodile drug addiction started in Russia where about one million users have been affected. And now the dangerous trend has expanded to America, where morphine drug users who can’t afford buying the drug, turn to krokodil for new pleasure. They may enjoy the high effect at first, but over time this habit will cost them their own lives. The drug is done by injecting the body for faster result, instead of consuming tablets or pills. Side effects can start visibly on the site injection. Right on the spot, the tissue cells and skin will die, scales start to appear and even fall off. Gangrene starts to take over and it is possible that your flesh will be eaten by the combination of dangerous solution. The bones will be exposed and blood vessel will be decomposed. The result is just the same like a horror movie where you see zombies with exposed body organs walk around. Often times, users who have suffered severe side effects must let their limb amputated. It is also possible that the kidneys and liver will experience irreparable destruction.

Treatment for Krokodil Drug

So, what is the best treatment for krokodil drug? First of all, users have to undergo detoxification process in desomorphine drug treatment. However, due to the severe and dangerous level of the substance, any detox process will have to undergo longer period – when compared to detox process for opiate or morphine users. It is even possible that krokodil users have to spend a month alone doing the detox. There is no easy way to deal with it. Although some people may say that they want to undergo rapid detoxification where they will be sedated so their withdrawal can pass on its own in hours, such procedure poses its own risk. Not to mention that you need to spend quiet a fortune to have it.

Several Treatments for Krokodil Drug Abuse

It is also important to pay attention to doctors’ order as they may suggest combination of several methods where medications and therapies are done together. The medication is likely prescribed to help dealing with the withdrawal – as well as depressed onset – but therapies are also important so users can address their problems from within and understand their core issue. This best treatment for desomorphine drug addiction, should be done by professionals in the rehab center. WCR8SPEQMG67