Master Data Management Concepts You Need to Comprehend

Master data management conceptsYou need to comprehend master data management concepts to build a solid business. The first thing you need to know is the definition of master data management or simply called MDM. What is it exactly? The description will make you understand the MDM. Most software systems consist of lists of data which are shared and used by some applications making up the system. For instance, when using a system of ERP, you will need an Item Master, a Customer Master and an Account Master. The master data you use is the key assets for your organization.

MDM Strategy
When using MDM programs, you need to have a strategy. The master data management strategy includes the strategy to decide what kind of data you need to manage. First thing you need to do is to identify the master data entities. Certain data will need a specific MDM. You have to define the type of data so you can decide the type of program you can use. Define the criteria of the data, then consider whether they can be treated as master data or not. Deciding what to manage will help you succeed your MDM usage. Hence, don’t be in a rush when you identify the data along with the MDM program.

The Behavior of Data
One of the master data management concepts you really need to understand is the behavior of data. Master data can be described from the way the data interacts with other data. The master data will always be involved with the transactional data. The following are the example for such behavior:
•    customers buy products,
•    vendors sell spare parts,
•    partners deliver materials to the location needed them,
•    employees are related to their manager,
•    products depend on the placement in the stores.
You must understand the behavior of the data so that you can define the MDM required to handle the data you have.

Treating Your Master Data Management
Other master data management concepts you need to understand is the way you treat your MDM. You can treat MDM as the way it is read, created, deleted, updated and searched. The way you understand this will influence the data quality management you have. The way you treat your data management will help you enhance your business. For example, your customers can be created depending on the business rules, the data systems and the industry segment of your company. You can create your customers through various tools such as the Internet, outlet stores or sales representatives. In addition, you can also create your customers through phone calls.

The Lifetime
Data management can also be considered its lifetime. Master data is more difficult to change than transactional data. For example, a contract can be considered as master data. A contract of an athlete may be considered as master data. The contract is usually more than a year. The athlete involved in the contact may have more than one contract. He or she will have a contract with the club that hires him or her. He or she may also have a contract with his or her sponsor. The agency of the athlete will manage all the contracts involving the athlete. The agency will arrange the contract and negotiate it. The contract may have certain lifespan.

The lifespan of the contract may be long or short, depending on the agreement of both parties. To understand better about the characteristics of MDM, it is necessary for you to attend conferences on this topic. One of the best conferences you need to attend is Gartner master data management summit. Attending this summit will help you comprehend all about the master data management concepts.

Customer Relationship Management Resume for the Best CRM Consultant

Customer relationship management resume

You need to learn carefully the customer relationship management resume when you are about to recruit a CRM consultant for your business. Recruiting the best CRM consultant is a must because he or she will play an important role of the customer relationship management in your entire business. The CRM consultant must be able to manage customers as well as the products marketing in your company. The CRM consultant will guide in every project that your company has planned. He or she will also help you to solve every problem that may occur during the implementation of your company’s plan. Moreover, he or she will also help you succeed and evaluate the rate of the CRM technology used in your entire business.

Key Skills a CRM Consultant Should Have
When recruiting a CRM consultant, you need to set a standard key skill he or she needs to have. The key skills that a CRM consultant needs to have are as follows:
•    the principles and the techniques of CRM,
•    ability to build and lead a teamwork,
•    ability to solve any problem arisen among the teamwork members,
•    ability to perform the best quality work with the modules of CRM,
•    ability to identify the needs of the organizations along with the expectations of the customers.
With the key skills about, a CRM consultant will be able to perform a customer relationship management system to succeed your business.

Educational Background
When you select a CRM consultant, you also need to check their educational background included in the customer relationship management resume. He or she must at least hold a Bachelor Degree in Marketing Management or Diploma in Customer Relationship Management. Also, he or she must have technical skills to support their background. The technical skills include the skills to operate CRM software. He or she must also be able to customize the software to be adjusted with the division where he or she will work. Mastering some customer relationship management programs will be beneficial. You can recruit an applicant with such educational and technical background.

Responsibility of a CRM Consultant
Customer relationship management resume can be the best filter to recruit a CRM consultant. The responsibility of a CRM consultant is so big that it needs special skills. Here are among customer relationship management examples for a CRM consultant:
•    help the organization market the products,
•    communicate with the customers to enhance the quality of the products,
•    develop CRM technologies,
•    guide the CRM teams effectively using the CRM programs,
•    maintain a good record among the customers, the clients and the organization.
Understanding the responsibility of a CRM consultant will allow you to recruit the best CRM consultant.

Reference for a CRM Consultant
Another important that can be your consideration is the reference of the applicants. When an applicant for a CRM consultant has a good track record, he or she must be able to present a reference that proves his professionalism. With a detailed reference, you can consider that the applicant is worth interviewing and recruiting. Especially, you can recruit an applicant with detailed reference in customer relationship marketing. Marketing experience means that the applicant has the skills in handling and managing the products sales as well as giving services to customers.

Customer relationship management systems must be mastered by all applicants of CRM consultant. The candidate for the CRM consultant should know how to run a business which is combined with the skills to handle customers and manage the products sales. Recruiting such person will give you a way to succeed your business. Hence, consider and learn carefully the customer relationship management resume of all CRM consultant candidates.

All you need To learn About Anxiety

All you need To learn About AnxietyAnxiety could be a very big nuisance, particularly when you’re already stressed with maintaining the rest you must cope with in life. In the event that you feel your daily life might use some rest from anxiety then this short article and the recommendations inside might help. There’s a solution to remove anxiety, you merely need to know how.

When folks are under high emotional stress, they could find it hard to eat frequently and perhaps experience significant changes within their metabolism. Therefore , if you’re experiencing anxiety, you will need to make certain that the foodstuffs you take in are filled with nutrients, and you also are not wasting your energy eating foodstuffs that aren’t healthy.

Remain as busy as you possibly can all the time. When you yourself have down-time, it will be far easier for the mind to spotlight negative things and can, consequently , fuel anxiety. Start your entire day out by cleaning the home, employed in the garden, reading a book or doing various other activity that you love.

Remain as busy as you can. Being very active helps in avoiding any anxiety which will occur. When you get fully up in the mornings, do something straight away. Ensure you stay busy all day every day. Cleanup your house, walk canine, cleanup your garden, read, or exercise. Every one of these things can lower your anxiety. Remaining idle just makes you look at the negative items that are occurring in your lifetime, helping to make your anxiety worse.

Keep a diary. Many people are overrun by thoughts which can be stressful, and also have no outlet for releasing them. Using a journal or diary to produce these thoughts, your mind can give attention to the here now.

Avoid viewing television programs that cause you anxiety. For a few people, watching the headlines brings on an panic disorder. Mainly because there are numerous negative things the headlines covers. If it causes you stress, then change it off, watching something different that produces you happy, and anxiety free.

Exercise is amongst the most useful items that you certainly can do to simply help expel any anxiety that you’re feeling. Whenever you exercise, the human body flushes out most of the toxins from the interior out, which could boost your human anatomy functionality. Exercise one or more hour daily to enhance just how that you are feeling.

Relieve your unfounded worries, by doing some research. Statistics, facts, along with other bits of information might help you are feeling better. Learning more in what is bothering you can even demonstrate you don’t, actually , have any such thing to be worried about. If doing the study yourself may worsen your anxiety, ask a pal, or relative to greatly help.

Anxiety does not have to bug you night and day anymore, you will be your self again and concentrate on more considerations in life instead of controlling your anxiety. At this point you have the data to eliminate anxiety that you experienced, just stay strong and apply what you’ve learned today and the anxiety will leave, but only when you need it to.

Hemorrhoids can be quite a painfull

Hemorrhoids can be quite a painfullHemorrhoids can be quite a painfull embarrssing condition to have problems with. They could occur in anybody and sometimes for no reason at all. They could frequently be managed with good care and topical medication. This informative article will help one to relieve the difficulties withstood by patients who have problems with hemorrhoids.

Rutin is definitely an ingredient which can be helpful in treating hemorrhoids. Weakened bloodstream may cause hemorrhoids. You’ll need the flavonoid Rutin to help the human body in ingesting Vitamin C and strengthening your bloodstream. Rutin can be found in citrus, onions, broccoli. The supplementary recommended daily dose is 500mg.

Pay attention to your salt intake when experiencing hemorrhoids. Consuming a lot of salt may cause the human body and hemorrhoids to swell. If the food seems too bland without the need for salt there are numerous spices and herbs that’ll add new and exciting flavors to your foods with no aftereffects of added salt.

You need to use witchhazel to simply help handle the uncomfortable negative effects of hemorrhoids. It’s an astringent which has the capacity to shrink the hemerrhoid tissue, providing relief and healing. Gently rub some witch hazel on your hemorrhoids with a delicate cotton ball. Give it time to lay on the skin for around 10 minutes.

While treating your hemorrhoids, it’s always best to keep consitently the anal region as dry that you can through the day to cut back the danger of additional irritation or illness of the tissues. Absorb excess moisture through the use of handful of cornstarch or fragrance-free baby powder to your rectal area a few times each day.

When you have drop with an incident out hemorrhoids one of the better actions you can take is apply a hydro-cortisone cream or ointment to it. This can help reduce the quantity of pain, itching and swelling, and inflammation. Cortisone creams can be obtained at virtually every pharmacy as a commercially available OTC product.

When you yourself have hemorrhoids, make certain you don’t scratch the affected area, regardless how much it itches. Scratching can cause extra irritation and redness, which could boost the longevity of one’s condition. Resisting the temptation of scratching will go a considerable ways in improving your problem. Make use of a cream to minimize the swelling and itching. Wipe the region with wetwipes following a bowel motion. This prevents irritation.

Use proper lifting methods with heavy objects. Any risk of strain you placed on the body with lifting is the same as the strain of straining in the toilet. This may not merely affect the areas of one’s human body, but strain your rectum aswell. When you can avoid lifting heavy objects altogether you’ll keep carefully the strain to the very least.

You will need to limit the quantity of salt in what you eat to be able to reduce or avoid hemorrhoids. An excessive amount of salt will result in water retention, which may cause the body to swell, which include the arteries that really cause hemorrhoids. By making some changes in what you eat, decreasing salt and increasing fluid intake, you may well be in a position to prevent getting hemorrhoids.

As has been noted, hemorrhoids can be quite painful and in addition embarrassing. They make people suffer in lots of ways, both physical and emotional. They could be treated and sometimes prevented with care. By studying the info in this specific article and implementing the advice it is possible to desire to view a change in your problem.

Physician Assistant Jobs Salary

Physician Assistant Jobs Salary A physician assistant is a very promising profession. However, only a few people who understand well about what and how the profession works. A physicians assistant (PA) is actually a healthcare professional. He or she is trained to work as part of a team together with a physician. He or she needs to practice medicine skills when performing his or her jobs. His or her job is concerned with various things such as treating human illness, treating injuries, and preventing illness from human being and giving health care services to patients.  Moreover, he or she will have to assist surgery. Knowing the heavy duties that he or she must do, the assistants should possess necessary skills and certification.

Working Environment
Physician assistants can be found in medical offices such as clinics, hospital and various types of health facilities. Knowing that such position is vital in performing various health jobs, the assistants require high skills and competencies. The most important competency that he or she must posses is communication skills. Most of these assistants work as a teamwork with physicians, and hence he or she must be able to get along with the teamwork members well. The assistants must also be able to practice autonomy in medical decision. The medical decision is defined by his or her sponsoring or supervising physician. That is why, this assistant needs a license to practice his or her duties.

Educational Background
A physician assistant needs to have a good educational background. Because of the
physician assistant jobs are difficult, he or she needs to have a strong educational background. The educational background is usually based on the medical education he or she had taken before. Here are the type of education a PA will have to take:
•    PA training usually lasts for two to three years.
•    The training can be completed during the study of undergraduate or post-graduate.
•    The total of study a PA will take is about 4-7 years.
Most PA students usually start their education with the experience background of health care.

The Job Description of a PA
A physician assistant has a lot of duties during the daily operation. Here are the physician assistant job descriptions:
•    A PA has to record medical histories of a patient.
•    A PA will perform an examination and procedure of treatment.
•    A PA will order treatments.
•    A PA diagnoses diseases.
•    He or she should prescribe medication.
Moreover, he or she will order and interpret each diagnostic test. More important, a PA will refer a patient to a specialist when the patient needs to. A physician will also need his service when performing a surgery.

A Physician Assistant Employment
Today, you will be able to find physician assistant schools more easily. This is because the profession is badly needed in various industries. From day to day, the profession of PA increases more than other types of occupations. Especially, there are more healthcare providers built in many places. The healthcare providers surely need a PA. With the job opportunities available for PA, it gives you a better chance for your career in the future. You can take a study with the training of PA. This PA training will allow you to enter the world of PA assistant. You will have more opportunities in various medical industries.

What may make you feel interested in becoming a PA is its average salary. The
physician assistant salary is higher than any other professions. There are a few people who are capable of doing the jobs of PA. That is why a PA is really appreciated with high salary. So, why don’t you select a career path as a physician assistant?

Considerations about Medical Administrative Assistant Salary

Medical Administrative Assistant Salary When you are interested in becoming a certified medical administrative assistant, the proper medical administrative assistant salary must have come into your consideration. It doesn’t mean that you are a gold digger or you think that the highest paying job is always better, but you also need to know whether you can make a decent earn of living by having the profession. After all, it is quite normal when you want to know about the salary range, so you can figure out what to do next – what to do with the education level, what to expect from the job, and such things alike. If you don’t prepare yourself with these stuffs, you may regret your choice in the end.

Medical Administrative Assistant Salary

There is certainly a significant increase for the medical administrative assistant salary, especially for the certified professionals. The average range for professional service is around $35,000 per year, but that depends on the area and also the skills of the workers. Metropolitan area has bigger range when compared to other areas. The annual salary for professional medical administrative assistant is around $48,000, while in Georgia and Atlanta, it is around $41,000. The range is around $38,000 in Los Angeles and Chicago. In San Antonio, Kansas, and Arizona, the range is around $32,000, and the lowest range is in Maine and Portland with total range around $22,000.

The Latest Trends
The medical administrative assistant salary is growing from year to year because of several considerations. It is true that you may not be dealing with medical practices – you may not do physical examinations, perform shots, take blood samples, and such things alike – but you will be dealing with all the administrative works that are related to the medical field. Not only you will be dealing with front office tasks – greeting patients, dealing with their data and other information, becoming the connective bridge between patients and doctors – but you will also deal with administrative works such as data compiling, supply ordering, correspondence, and so many other things. That is why the certified medical administrative assistant salary has been increasing in the last years because of the complexity of the work and also because of the lack of professional experts in the field. If you love dealing with administrative work and you are okay with the behind-the-desk job description, becoming a medical administrative assistant will be the great option for you.

The Basic Job Description
As it was mentioned before, becoming a medical administrative assistant mainly deals with administrative work, so you will be dealing a lot with such things like:
• Managing the front office duties as a part of the service in helping the medical experts.
• Communicating with patients when it comes to explaining the procedures, helping them with the registration forms, arranging the hospital care and admission, and such things alike
• Helping the doctors with the schedule, including the patients’ schedule, doctors’ schedule, dealing with the correspondence, and also answering phone calls.
• Managing and keeping the patients’ record, monitoring the purchases of medicines and other equipments needed for the medical purposes, and other things
dealing with data entry tasks, insurance claims, and sometimes coding work
Due to the complexity of the work, it is no wonder that the medical administrative assistant salary is increasing from time to time.

The Various Spots
If you are interested in becoming professional administrative assistant in medic, the working spots can range from hospitals, clinics, research center, development companies, and even rehabilitation centers like the substance abuse clinics or hospitals. Your salary also varies depending on the spot of your work. For instance, if you work in substance abuse clinics, you will get higher salary range than the ones working on regular clinics.

If you want to know more about the medical administrative assistant programs, there are lots of places to check out and try. You can also get more information about the medical administrative assistant salary.

krokodil desomorphine contagious pictures

The Story of Desomorphine : Whether Drug Contagious or not

krokodil desomorphine contagious pictures
Is the zombie apocalypse of Desomorphine contagious? It is a normal question of anyone after reading the news or watching the videos. It is good news that the horrific look of Desomorphine effect is not actually contagious like the zombie virus in movies and games. Regrettably, there is no good news here.

Working from the Inside
Desomorphine, or commonly known as Crocodile drug (Krokodil in Russian), is synthesizable even in an ordinary kitchen. Unfortunately, the dirty Desomorphine contains toxic chemicals and users ignorantly inject the substance into their vein, destroying blood vessels and tissues.

While the addiction intensifies, the gruesome side effects are getting worse. The breakdown occurs at the deep cellular level, soon after the first injection, with visible wounds, gangrene, lesions, and abscesses, but they are not, once again, contagious. As long as people around have strong stomach, a Crocodile zombie can freely walk all over the place in town.

Bigger Issues
Nonetheless, people (especially the drug users) should be more aware because they can find krokodil contagious by means of the injection. Potential epidemic includes HIV and HCV as sharing needles or other injecting equipment is a very gracious charity particularly when the mind does not work properly. While HIV is widely notorious, less people know that HCV (or hepatitis C), which is a highly contagious virus causing liver disease, is contracted in the course of blood-to-blood exchange to an infected Crocodile user. The symptom may be just mild illness in a couple of weeks, but severe case results in lifelong ailment, such as cirrhosis or liver cancer.

As the liver tissue dies, it is impossible to expect the organ to work, as it should be. Well, looking on the brighter side, Crocodile users generally do not survive that long to suffer from the HIV or HCV.

krokodil drug experience among-teenager

Krokodil Drug Experience Among Teenagers in the US

krokodil drug experience among-teenagerWhile the ill-famed Krokodil or homemade Desomorphine has been thought-provoking headlines on the media lately, Krokodil drug or Desomorphine experience is hardly covered up personally. Even if one or two users were interviewed, it is such a common sense that Desomorphine users hardly live longer than the publication of the interview.

Short Cut
Although it can be surprising, anyone would love to find street product Desomorphine users live to tell the tale. Synthesized mainly from codeine, the final product is loaded with toxic and corrosive chemicals. The low quality synthesis, but heavy, opioid undoubtedly causes medical problems, so serious that the media calls the heavy synthesis flash eating.

While heroin and methamphetamine are the saviors for slow, but painful, death, homemade Desomorphine is an urgent ugly invitation to death. Desomorphine simply speeds up, as well as horrifies, the process of death by rotting the body even before the users literally die. Rotten flesh – creating gaping wounds with exposed bones and horrible abscesses – soon will develop just within a week right after the first injection.

More Life-Threatening Effects
Those with extensive experience of illegal drug abuse may take anyone trying to warn the lethal effect less seriously. Experienced junkies may claim that other opiates, including the friendlier heroin and methamphetamine, give the users similar Desomorphine experience. The euphoria, analgesia, and sedation are all similar, so drug warriors must be telling lies too much. Besides, illegal drug users may have tolerate the common constipation, vomiting, nausea, itching, drop-off libido, urinary retention, respiratory depression, miosis, paratheisa, and flushing.

Unfortunately, impure desomorphine users seriously suffer from severe allergic reactions, respiratory failure, and other medical complications while seizure is damaging with additional pain, skin discoloration, and other life-threatening medical problems. Diazepam is one of possible treatments currently used to cure Desomorphine seizure, but everyone actually has a better option than taking the deadly route.

Crocodile Tears Drug Toxic Highlight

crocodile tears drugCrocodile tears drug synthesis, a homemade designer drug, which users can prepare in the kitchen using easy to get ingredients. This crocodile desomorphine is a serious threat to the health of the users. Because of the impurities in the drug, due to lack of lab equipment when preparing it, this drug is highly toxic. The area of skin where this drug is injected will turn greenish, scaly and bumpy. Like the skin of crocodile, this is where it got the name from.

Crocodile Tears Drug Synthesis

This process of preparing the Desomorphine ingredients, when done without proper lab equipment, will leave the toxic of the gas and oil in the drug. When injected into the body, the toxic will cause the severe gangrene, blood vessel to burst and the acid will eat away the bone tissue. The iodine left from the process will cause damage to the thyroid and muscle. The red phosphorus will damage the cartilage. Signs of  desomorphine addiction damage to the body tissue will result in infection, which in the end causing the gangrene. This is where the name ‘flesh eating’ drug coming from.

The Ingredients
crocodile tears drug is a mixture of Codein, which is legally free to sell in Russia as a medicine for headache, with other ingredients. Codein in the headache medicine, should be extracted by mixing the tablet with with organic solvents, gasoline and hydrochloric acid. The result is Codein salts, which later mixed with iodine, hydrochlorine acid and red phosphorous, to turn Codein into desocodein.

The effects of this drug, like other opiates, are euphoria, sedation. Compare to Heroin, the effect of Crocodile drug is shorter only about ninety minutes, while preparing the drug needs about a half to one hour. Because of the time needed to prepare the drug, heavy users can spend a whole day in the process of preparing and injected.

Chris Brown Stay in Jail for Two Month’s

chris brown in jail again

Chris Brown to Stay in Jail

Chris Brown return to jail. This time Brown was jailed after stating that he was astute use of firearms and knives. Rihanna ex- boyfriend was thrown into prison on Friday 14 March after completing his rehabilitation period for substance abuse and illegal drugs, bipolar disorder and acute anger management he suffered.

This decision also affected the release of her duet with Ariana Grande single, “Do not Be Gone Too Long”. Through Twitter, Ariana apologized and announced the launch of the single was originally scheduled to be postponed from March 24 next.

Chris has been detained since March 14 because of problems involved in rehabilitation nursing. Reports of the home revealed that a former girlfriend Rihanna was ignoring orders during a drug test and mock one program. James R. Brandlin as the judge also questioned the revelation that Chris admitted using a gun and a knife expert in one of the rehabilitation sessions.

Some time ago, it was rumored that Chris Brown was arrested for committing an offense. Now, the court finally announced when the ex-girlfriend Rihanna will be prosecuted.

As reported by E! Online, the singer of the song Next to You will be judged on 23 April. That means, he would crouch over a month in prison.

Chriss Brown was arrested on Friday (14 /3). The reason, he is considered a violation because the rehabilitation site without permission to leave the parties concerned.

However, there is also news that states that he was arrested for violating probation rules over violent felony cases in 2009. But until now, there has been no official comment from the parties concerned.

Case law does so as the daily food of this singer. No wonder if he had to undergo rehab for anger management program.

Signs and Symptoms of Desomorphine Effects During Withdrawal

Do you know what are Desomorphine ingredients? Desomorphine is a synthetic drug, derivative from morphine. It was researched in order to find a pain killer, to replace morphine, which caused nausea and addiction. This research was aborted, since the resulted drug was eight to ten times stronger than morphine, unfortunately also more addictive than morphine. In early 2000, a low quality of desomorphine drug surfaced in Russia, Siberia to be exact, which later duped as Krokodil, which meant crocodile in Russia.

Desomorphine ingredients

The reason for the name is because this desomorphine ingredients effects are the skin and flesh of the users to turn greenish, scaly and bumpy like the skin of crocodile. Not only that, the toxin in it will cause severe gangrene. How a research for a good cause turned into this horrible drug was unknown.

The Ingredients of Desomorphine
Desomorphine, street name Krokodil drug was a substitute to Heroin, because Heroin is very expensive in Russia. Desomorphine cost only about a third of the cost of Heroin. This is a designer drug that users prepared in the kitchen with easy to get ingredients. The ingredients are Codein mixed with gasoline, paint thinner, lighter fluid, red phosphorous, which can be scratched from match heads, also hydrochloric acid and iodine. When prepared without proper lab equipment, impurities, which means toxic of the ingredients are left in the drug. When injected into the body, these impurities are the cause of the horrible flesh rotting condition. The result is permanent physical damage to the users.

Is Desomorphine Addiction Curable?
Like other addiction, detox of Desomorphine users is possible. Only with Desomorphine addiction, it is a very painful process. Compare to Heroin users, which need about ten days of pain to detox, desomorphine users need about one month of severe pain. Most of the time, tranquilizer are administered to prevent users from passing out.

krokodil drug ingredients

Dangerous Parts of Krokodil Drug Ingredients

krokodil drug ingredientsKrokodil drug ingredients – The deadly krokodil ingredients, mainly is the Codeine which is an opiate. Krokodil drug ingredients gasoline also mixed with lighter fluid, paint thinner and alcohol. This homemade mixture is toxic to the body. The result of long time usage is rotting of the flesh, body parts would fall off. The skin of the area of the injection will turn greenish, scaly and bumpy. Look like crocodile skin.

This is where the nick name of this drug came from. Krokodil is crocodile in Russian. Krokodil is used as a substitute to Heroin. In Russia where this drug was first used, Heroin is very expensive on the street. People, who did not have enough money to buy Heroin, turned to this homemade cocktail.


The Mix in Krokodil
As mentioned above, crocodile drug ingredients is a mixture Codein brewed with lighter fluid, gasoline, paint thinner, alcohol and hydrochloric acid, as reactants to synthesize desomorphine from Codein. Codein itself is not a dangerous substance; it is a medicine for headache which is sold freely in Russia. The main problem is when preparing krokodil tears, in the kitchen without proper ingredients, impurity happened. Traces of hydrochloric acid also the gas and oil are left in the drug. When injected into the skin, those impurities caused gangrene to form on the flesh and skin, the blood vessel to burst. And the acid left in the drug will cause porous bone tissue.

The Rehab for Krokodil Users
The rehab process for Krokodil users are much more difficult and painful compare to Heroin users. With Heroin users, it usually need about 10 days of sickness and pain. With Krokodil users, it will need about one month of severe pain; usually tranquilizers are administered to prevent the patient from passing out due to the pain. Sometime amputation was needed, to get rid of the rotten body part.